VidSwap Replay: Filming and Uploading Using Only Your iPad (no camera kit)

If you are looking to film your games on your iPad and then upload them directly into your VidSwap account, VidSwap Replay is the tool to use!  It is a free download in the Apple App Store (it is an iPad-only App at this time): 




  • Your iPad must be iOS 13 or higher
  • You should disable sleep mode while filming
  • You should disable Bluetooth while filming

Although you will NOT need WiFi during the game, you WILL need it to sign in to your account prior to your game and again at the conclusion of the event when you upload your game to your account.

VidSwap Replay is only available on Apple and iOS devices at this time.

VidSwap Replay used to be called VidSwap LIVE.  If you have VidSwap LIVE installed, please delete the app and download VidSwap Replay.

You will NOT need the VidSwap Camera app from the App Store.





While you're connected to WiFi, start up your Replay app and sign in to the correct sport team account you want to upload the upcoming game into.  It is best to do this as a coach that is unique to that team.

  • Select 'New Live Game'


When you do that, you'll be taken to the 'Details' page...

  • Click on the pencil icon below 'GAME NAME' to edit the name of the upcoming event, for ease of identification during the upload process later.
  • Select 'Config' at the bottom of the screen to configure your iPad camera.


On the 'Config' page...

  • Click on the 'iPad Cam' tab in the upper right corner of the screen to enable the iPad's camera.


When you do that, the screen will split into four parts, including one (in the top left) that shows the 'Device Camera' feed.

  • Click the "double dash" symbol in the box and select / assign the camera to 'Side' or 'Angle 1' (depending on your sport).
  • Click on 'Record' at the bottom of the screen to begin filming your game.


You will now see your iPad's camera feed full-screen.

  • Select 'Start' when you would like to begin filming, and 'Stop' to stop.
  • You can start/stop recording throughout the game.


At the conclusion of your game, click on the 'Details' tab (in the lower left corner of the screen) to be taken back to the main game info page.

  • Select 'End Game'.


  • Select 'Upload Game'.


...and you're done!  You'll want to make sure you're in a place where you have good WiFi to upload your game completely and quickly.


Now you'll want to go onto your computer, open your VidSwap account, and follow these steps to import the game into a playlist.

If you run into any trouble, please reach out to us any time at !

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