Custom Tagging Console - Tag Panels!

What's better than creating and adding your own tags to your games?  How about customizing your tagging console to make that process even easier!

You can now build a custom tagging console that will only display the tags you're needing, reducing clutter and streamlining your process to include only what you're looking for:


(If you'd like more info on how to create your own custom tags and apply them to your games, please see this article here.)

You start setting up your custom tagging grid in the SETTINGS app...


...right in the 'Tag Panels' section:



(Be sure to 'Hide' your panel until you're done working on it.)

Simply select the tags you're wanting in your console by clicking on them, and then drag and drop them to the place you want them to be:


You can remove or edit a tag (assign a hotkey or set the attributes) by clicking on a tag's "x" or "pencil" icons:


You can arrange the relative sizes of your console tags by clicking on their edges and expanding or collapsing them:


Once you're done working, click on 'Save & Close':


You can "unhide" your tagging grid by clicking on the 'actions' dropdown (the box with the upside down triangle in it, to the far right of your grid's name) and selecting the 'edit' option:


Now, whenever you go into tag mode, your custom grid will display.  If you have multiple grids, you can switch between them in the upper right corner of your grid panel:




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