Downloading Highlights

After you create your Highlights (like this) and e-mail them to coaches or others (like this), you can also download a copy of the clips for yourself!

(If you have added Telestrations to your clips - like this - those Telestrations will not be downloaded along with the clips.  If you want to save the Telestrations along with the clips, you can install the free VidSwap app and save those Highlights there, Telestrations and all, like this or like this.)

When you want to download your Highlight, you can go about it in two ways; either by downloading the complete highlight, or choosing the specific clips you want from your Highlight.

To download the complete Highlight, just click on the 'actions' dropdown box (the small box with the upside down triangle in it to the far right of the Highlight title) and choose the 'download' option:


To choose the specific clips you want to download from your Highlight, 'watch' the Highlight and select the clip(s) you are wanting to download by clicking in the checkbox(es) to the left of the clips.  Click on the 'Download' button and choose the 'selected playclips' option:


Whether you download all clips or just a few, please make sure the pop-up window is not being blocked:


Always allow pop-ups from VidSwap.  You can disable your pop-up blocker to get your download going:


The following window will show as your download prepares.  This may take a few minutes if there are a lot of files:


Once the download is ready, you'll see the download button to click:


Once it downloads, you can open a zip file on a Mac by simply double clicking on the zip file.  It should open for you automatically.

 To open zip files on a PC, please follow these steps here.

The footage you downloaded will be returned to you as individual clips, but if you were wanting to combine everything into a single clip, you can do that like this.

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