Pixellot YOU and VidSwap!

We welcome YOU to VidSwap!  Below are a few simple steps to follow to create your own VidSwap account.  Doing so will allow you to house and access your Pixellot YOU videos all in one place, as well as use our tools to clip footage out of your games, create highlights, and much more.



To get started...

Team account
1. Log in at https://you.pixellot.tv/my/login/
2. Go to "You Profile" section
3. Press "Request my VS account" button
4. Fill out the form with your info and press "Submit"
Club account
1. Log into your account here https://you.pixellot.tv/my/login/
2. Jump to the "Manage team"section
3. Go into the menu of a team
4. Press "Request my VS account" button
5. Fill out the form with your info and press "Submit"
(6. Repeat actions 3-5 for each team you wish to create an account for)



Once your account(s) has been created, you can log right on to access your VidSwap at vidswap.com/login (you'll be given your login info when your VidSwap account is created) :


Once you're logged in, you can switch between your multiple team accounts (if applicable) by clicking on your name in the upper right corner of the screen and selecting the 'Switch Teams' option:


This will bring you to a menu where you can choose which VidSwap account you wish to access.



All games recorded on your camera will automatically sync with your VidSwap account.  To find them, from the main dashboard of your team, click into your 'VIDEOS' section:


Your recordings will begin their journey in your 'Default' folder.  If that folder doesn't automatically open for you, just click in the upper left corner of the screen and select the 'Default' folder from the dropdown:


If you wish to self-edit and tag your game without the aid of our loggers you can leave your game right here!



If you're looking to access the 'events' our loggers added to your game after you uploaded (or to access the clips you have added yourself from your YOU app), nothing could be simpler!  To do so, just open your game...


When your game opens up, you'll automatically see a list of 'Simple Filters' running down the left-hand side of the screen.  Your 'You Clips' simple filter will be at the bottom of the list.  Just click on that tab, and choose the 'Home' or 'Away' clips:


All your 'Events' will be returned to you!


If you'd like to create a highlight from them, please visit this article here.


If your team or league presently has a season-long breakdown plan that allows for the full analysis of your games, those games will be sent to the loggers for a full breakdown automatically after upload.  You'll also be able to assign a team identity to your opponents after your game breakdown (no need to worry about using "Away Team" as a placeholder, or having entered the wrong team name), as well as link any "unnamed player" athletes in your breakdown to actual players on your roster.  See this article for more info.


If you would like our loggers to do the heavy lifting for you and break down your game fully, you can also convert your 'Default' video into a full-fledged playlist in your 'Games' folder just... like... this...



First off, are your rosters inputted?  You'll want to make sure you do that if you're wanting to log or tag your game.  Please go here for help with that.

If you are sending this game off to our loggers (or if you want all of your videos in the same place), you will need to convert the recording from your Pixellot You camera into a game. Click on “Convert to Game” to do this:


Choose the type of game you're converting...


...and then you will then be taken through a wizard to fill in the necessary information about your event:


Enter the home and away team names and jersey colors, game date, and the time of the event.  Set the correct season and (if you have breakdown credits available), select the type of analysis you'd like our loggers to assign to your game. 

Next you will have the option of making any changes to your roster.  If you don't need to make changes to the roster you entered in your 'ROSTERS' section, you don't need to do anything here - nada, zip, nothing.  Leave it blank and just press 'Next'.  If you do need to make changes (substitute athletes, jersey number changes, etc.), check out this article for pointers.  For soccer rosters, please look at this one.


And that is it!



When you select 'Back To Applications', you'll find your match in the 'Games' section of your 'VIDEOS' folder. If you elected for game analysis, there will be a blue status bar that will keep you updated on their progress.

(The status bar may initially say “encoding” which simply means the files are in the process of transferring.  It shouldn't take long!)

If you have any questions about VidSwap, please don't hesitate to reach out to us at support@vidswap.com or visit help.vidswap.com.

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