Editing Attributes In Flow-Based Sports

If you're looking to change the data assigned to a tag's system or custom attributes (an attribute is any information such as team designation, period number, shot result, athlete info, etc.), you can accomplish that quickly and easily, as described below.

If you need help creating custom tags for your flow-based sport, please see our help article on this topic here

If you need help creating custom attributes for your flow-based sport (or to learn more about what 'attributes' are), please see our help article on the topic here.

If you're wanting to assign attributes to your system or custom tags, please see our help article on the topic here.


YOU CAN EDIT any attribute you have created or which has been assigned to a tag, in any of your videos.  You can do this in either the Filter or Timeline view of your video.

'Filter' view: For this example, let's say you wanted to change the athlete who was tagged in a 'Shot' tag.  The first step is to open the game by clicking on the 'watch' button, and call up the tag you're looking to change. 

Click on the 'Advanced' filtering option on the middle left side of the screen...


 ...and search for your 'Shot' tags:


To edit any of the attributes, simply 'click into' the row/cell containing the data you're wanting to add or modify, click on the cell's downward arrow...


 ...and choose another value from the options in the dropdown box.  Press 'Enter / Return' or click anywhere outside of the box to close it and save your data.  

Screen_Shot_2018-05-17_at_11.05.33_AM.png(One excellent way to quickly skip from box to box assigning data is to use the 'Tab' key.  Pressing 'Tab' saves the value/data assigned to the current tag and automatically forwards you to the next cell.)

The updated info will automatically save and immediately update in real time:



You can also edit this information in the 'timeline' view. 

If there are attributes assigned to a tag, they will display when you rest your cursor over the tag:


 To edit any of that information, right click on the tag.  All attributes assigned to that tag will be displayed in a box.  Select, de-select, or enter the data you wish to add to or remove from the tag, press 'Save', and you're done:


The updated info will automatically save and immediately update in real time.

If you're left with any questions or need any assistance, please don't hesitate to swing past live chat or drop us a line at support@vidswap.com.

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