VidSwap LIVE Setup


There are multiple ways to setup LIVE, below cover a few for single & multiple camera setups.

Single or multiple camera IP, with Radar

Single or multiple camera basic


Lets understand what each device is...

IP Camera - network enabled camera

Router - creates the LIVE network

POE Switch - power over ethernet, provides power to network devices and connects to network

WiFi - hotspot with a range of 600 feet

PTP - point to point wireless link, connecting all cameras on the network

Liveshell - turns camcorder video into a network feed

Radar - Pocket Radar Pro unit for measuring pitch & exit velo

RPi - mini computer connecting and powering the radar to the network


Here is a training video focusing on setting up your VidSwap LIVE system:



Setting up your baseball / softball VidSwap LIVE system:



Setting up VidSwap LIVE IP 2 camera system:



Setting up VidSwap LIVE Basic 2 camera system:




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