Keyboard / Keystroke Attribute Tagging - Keyboard Control

Keyboard Control is an effective method of using your keyboard and number-pad to quickly assign attributes to the tags in your flow-based sport .  

This process works best when you have system and/or custom tags that feature attributes you wish to add; if you are looking to add 'plain' tags to your game (which do not feature lots of attributes), you'd be better off using the traditional mouse-and-keyboard approach (details of which are here).

If you need help creating custom tags for your flow-based sport, please see our help article on this topic here

If you need help creating custom attributes for your flow-based sport, please see our help article on this topic here.

You get started by clicking on the 'watch' button of the game you're wanting to work on, and switching into 'timeline' mode (by clicking on the 'edit' button - the notebook and pencil - at the top center of the viewscreen): 



You then initiate 'Tag Mode':

When 'Tag Mode' opens, it "splits" the space below the video screen into two parts; the left side displays a box with your system and custom tags listed in it, and the right side of the screen is a box to display the attributes of your active tags.  

To engage Keyboard Control, click on the 'keyboard control' button.  The tag or attribute box which is active (and will be affected by the keys you press) will be bordered with a red ring:


By default, Tag Mode will not display the timeline and tags of the game.  If you prefer to see a section of the timeline, you can open a portal to it by clicking on the 'Show / Hide Timeline' button:


The intended workflow is for your left hand to operate the Tag Console and Video Playback, and your right hand to be on the Number Pad to assign the attributes (but it will support both hands working from one keyboard).  

The 'Master Controls' of Keystroke Tagging are found above the Tag Console:


These include:

 'End Tag Mode' - Click this when you are finished tagging your game and are ready to access a different section of your account.

Screen_Shot_2017-03-09_at_11.48.48_AM.png 'Show / Hide Timeline' - Pressing this button will open or close a window that displays part of the timeline on the left side of the page.  By default this function is set to 'Hide Timeline'.

 'Keyboard Control' - Pressing this button will engage or disengage the Keyboard / Keystroke Tagging method of assigning attributes.  Again, if you don't have lots of attributes to add to your tags, this function would be best set to 'off'.   By default this function is OFF.  

(With 'Keyboard Control' disengaged, Tag Mode will function using the standard keyboard + mouse method).

 'Auto Loop On Tag' - This will automatically "loop" smaller 'duration' tags (tags with a set duration) so you'll have more than a brief moment to identify the action / athlete involved in the clip and assign the attributes correctly.  

When enabled, 'Auto Loop On Tag' will replay the first unassigned 'set duration' tag currently active.  Action will proceed when the tag's attribute(s) has been saved / closed.  By default this function is OFF.

(Shot and Field placement charts - along with text or number attributes - cannot be activated / entered using Keystroke Tagging.)

You then go about tagging as usual; playing the video and using keys on your keyboard and number pad to activate the tags and assign attributes to them.

A good habit to adopt is pressing 'Save All' every five or so tags you assign; this will assure your work is saved and will prevent a buildup of attribute boxes from 'bogging down' your video player.

ALWAYS BE SURE TO SAVE YOUR WORK ('Save All') and close out Tag Mode ('End Tag Mode') before moving on to other projects.



When you trigger a tag, each of the attributes associated with the tag will be able to be assigned (except for shot / field placement charts and text and number tags).  The active tag or attribute your keystrokes will affect will be ringed with a red border.  Each element / attribute that can be assigned will have an associated number-pad / keyboard shortcut, marked with '[1], [2], [3], etc...'

Athletes can be assigned to attributes where applicable (touches, etc.) by typing in their jersey number quickly followed by the "[" or "]" key, depending on the team they are on (the key designation will appear following the team name in the attribute box):Screen_Shot_2016-10-20_at_10.39.08_AM.png

Press 'Tab' to skip forwards through the list of attributes.

Press 'Shift' + 'Tab' to reverse back through the list of attributes.

Press 'Enter' to close and save the current tag's attributes.

Press 'Shift' + 'Enter' to close and save the "stack" of attributes (if you have multiple tags worth of attributes built up).

When you are finished tagging, press 'End Tag Mode' to save your work:

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