'Who Is Playing'

The 'Who Is Playing' feature is an important tool, very useful for a number of reasons:

1) Most importantly, it will let our logging team know who played in the game.  If footage is blurry or panning quickly, a list of the jersey numbers on the field or court will allow our loggers to better pinpoint the players.

2) Along with greater accuracy in player tagging, it will also increase efficiency for our loggers and help get your breakdown back to you more quickly.

3) When assigning an 'Athlete Roster'-type custom tag, you won't need to scroll through your entire active roster to designate a player for the tag; the active players in the match will show.

4) If an athlete participates who is not a part of your permanent roster, or if an athlete changes jersey numbers for the game, this is a way to track that and add those game stats to the cumulative totals of the athlete for the season.


When you upload your game, you'll be presented with a 'Who played in the game?' box.  Simply click 'Add Athlete' to get started.

When you do, the list of active athletes currently on your roster (or your opponent's roster) will present itself.  Put a check mark in the box to the left of each player who played in the game, and press the 'Add Athlete' button again to add them to the list of participating players.

After your roster list of active players for the game populates, click on the 'next' button to continue with your upload.  If you wish to add a player/jersey not presently listed on your active roster, click on 'Add Athlete' again to add them:


TO ADD A PARTICIPATING ATHLETE (OR ATHLETE JERSEY) WHO IS NOT PRESENTLY ON THE ROSTER, click on 'Add Athlete', then the 'Add Athlete Not On Roster' button:

Enter in the athlete info and 'save' it:

With your roster now assembled (you can even designate starters), continue on to your upload!


IF ONE OF YOUR ATHLETES IS WEARING ANOTHER JERSEY NUMBER IN A GAME, simply load that athlete into the 'who is playing' list as normal and click into the 'Jersey' column for the athlete.  Change the entry to the new jersey number and 'close' the box.  This will not only allow the player to be tagged with their new number, but all the athlete's stats for the game will track along with those already accumulated with their 'usual' / 'original' jersey number:




TO ADD 'WHO IS PLAYING' INFO AFTER A GAME HAS BEEN UPLOADED OR LOGGED, simply click on the 'actions' dropdown (the small box with the upside down triangle in it) to the far right of the playlist title and select the 'who is playing' option there:




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