VidSwap REPLAY app

VidSwap REPLAY is currently available only on iPad.

Important notes...

1) You'll need at least 2 iPads to run VS REPLAY during a game. 1 up in the pressbox running the system, 1+ on the sideline viewing replays.

2) We recommend using an iPad Pro for the main iPad running VS REPLAY in the pressbox. We repeat...we HIGHLY recommend using an iPad Pro for the BEST experience using VS Replay.

3) The main iPad MUST be plugged into the router, turn the iPads wifi OFF. You will have a poor experience if you dont plug in. If you were not provided an adaptor, both of these support POE and data:  Lightning cable or USB C cable

4) Any iPad Pro, Air, or mini would work fine for playback iPads, to use for viewing footage while on the field or bench, or in the press box or elsewhere. (We've heard some coaches have had issues with devices as old as iPad 2's; because of their weaker wifi capabilities, those devices have a harder time connecting to your VS REPLAY network.)

5) The VS REPLAY app works like a server, allowing your teams' multiple iPads to connect to your VS REPLAY network and play back multiple angles of video at any time during the game. This means your main recording iPad always needs to be on for any playback iPads to display video. (The main recording iPad does save the video in the app, so that iPad can be used offline, anywhere, for playback.)


On the main iPad running VS LIVE, here's how to start a new game:

1) Make sure your cameras and REPLAY hardware are all set up and powered on.  

2) When you first download VS REPLAY from an internet connection, login to your account. You will not need to login again as you won't have internet from the REPLAY network.


3) Make sure your main recording iPad is plugged into the network with the provided cables, with wifi turned OFF. Then make sure all viewing iPads are connected to your VS REPLAY wifi network; the current selected network will be displayed in the bottom left corner of the screen.

4) Click 'New Game' to open the 'Game Details' page.


 5) From the 'Game Details' page, you can define the game name and type ("Playbased" for sports like football, baseball, softball, or possibly volleyball; "Flowbased" for sports like soccer, hockey, or lacrosse)


Game Details is also where you can DELETE a game, END, or UPLOAD games.


 6) At the bottom of the screen, click 'Config' to assign your camera views.  We support up to 6 camera angles.

IP cams, iPhones, and iPads will auto show up to assign an angle to.

hudl sideline equipment >> your cameras will pop up automatically once those teredeks have booted up fully.


When using HDMI camcorders with our HDMI encoders, tap the top right menu to add cameras, then assign the angles.


Pt #1 (side cam) is hardcoded to Liveshell / Manual #1 >

Pt #2 (endzone cam) is hardcoded to Liveshell / Manual #2 >


 7) Click on the 'Record' tab at the bottom of the screen to switch to the RECORD view, which is the mode you'll be in for the whole game.  


 8) Click the 'Add New Tag' button to create the basic tags you want to use during the game.  An example for football is O, D, K; for hockey you could tag your shift lines 1,2,3,4,pp,pk; for volleyball you might want to tag your serve/rec rotations, etc. 


 9) On the left side of the screen is your start / stop record button.  On the right are the tag buttons you created in step 8.

Once you have all of this ready, your viewing / playback iPads can click into their VS REPLAY app to connect to the game and start viewing once the recording starts.

Remember, VS REPLAY needs to be running on the main iPad at all times in order for the viewing iPads to playback video. This is exactly like a computer connecting to a server to retrieve information over a wifi network.


10) When a game is done, click into DETAILS on the bottom, END GAME > UPLOAD (make sure you're logged into the correct account so the video is uploaded in the right place)

Plugging the iPad into the network via the provided network cable is HIGHLY recommend. The upload will be MUCH FASTER.

Make sure the uploading iPad does not fall asleep; if it does, you will need to start the upload over.


 11) Your REPLAY files will be uploaded into the 'LIVE' section of your VidSwap account:


Once the game is uploaded into your LIVE section on VidSwap, click 'UPLOAD VIDEO' to create a new game and add the LIVE / REPLAY files just as you would for a normal upload.



'Games' List

1) The icons to the left of each listed game are buttons that you can use to either end / resume a REPLAY session or start / stop sharing over the VS REPLAY network.

2) The wifi icon shows to the right of the game that is currently being shared on the VS REPLAY network.



On playback iPads, here's how to watch:

Remember, VS REPLAY needs to be running on the main iPad at all times in order for the viewing iPads to play back video. This is just like a computer connecting to a server to receive information over wifi.

1) Again, please make sure all iPads are connected to the VS REPLAY wifi network.  You can check this in your iPad's 'SETTINGS'.

2) Open VS REPLAY app and click into LIVE SHARE game.

3) The three buttons on the top right are your live clips list, tagger, and filter.

4) You can use your finger to draw on screen when the video is paused.


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