VidSwap LIVE Setup

If you would like to watch a training session for our 'VidSwap LIVE!' system, please go here.


There a few possible LIVE Video setups:

1) 1 camera

2) 1 camera with monitor

3) 2-4 cameras in one location

4) 2-4 cameras in multiple locations (typical for football with a side & end view)


General Tips

Tip 1: We recommend using the most powerful iPad you have as the main recording iPad (any iPad Pro is best as the recording device). This iPad should be placed near the main camera / router (which helps reduce the risk of potentially dropped connections). Any iPad Pro, Air, or mini would work fine for playback iPads.

Tip 2: We recommend plugging everything into a power source and using the device batteries as a backup.

Tip 3: Turn on the LIVE box last, after the wifi routers are up and running.

Tip 4: Turn off your camera's "display on-screen markers" feature in its settings

Tip 5: Make sure camera settings for 'HDMI out' are not 1080p60; the LIVE box only supports up to 1080p30 / 1080i60. If the screen is black on VS Live feed, HDMI settings need to be changed.

Tip 6: If you have any connection issues with the LIVE box, turn it off and back on and/or unplug and replug in the ethernet cable and/or unplug and replug in the HDMI cable.

Tip 7: VidSwap LIVE only works with iPads and you'll need at least 2: A main iPad to run the recording and sharing near the main camera / router, and a second, third, or fourth iPad(s) to use for pulling up plays on the field / court / ice.

Tip 8: The playback iPads can only play videos when the main iPad is on, in the current game, ON THE SAME VS LIVE NETWORK. This is a server/client relationship just like your computer connecting to a server over the internet. At halftime or in-between periods either leave the main iPad on or bring it with you into the locker room.  



Tip: Mount the router on anything and point towards the field / court / ice  

Tip: Make sure to turn on LIVE box last and that it shows as connected, no errors

General setup for a camera / LIVE box / router


1) Plug the white router into either a power strip connected to an outlet or an AC battery pack

2) Plug in the HDMI cable to the camera and back of the LIVE box

3) Press and hold the power button on the LIVE box, left side



If you see an error message or '?' on screen...either the camera isnt on / the HDMI isnt plugged in or the router isnt on / not plugged in.





The white routers come with a bendable tie you can easily mount to anything. Just make sure the router is pointed in the direction of the sideline.



Added setup for kits with multiple cameras and Wifi on the sideline, away from a camera

If your setup was intended to have multiple cameras and/or wifi on the bench or sideline, away from a camera...there will be 2 additional routers linking all of the cameras and creating wifi in the desired location.

This creates a rock solid wireless connection for all cameras and reduces outside interference which allows the main recording iPad to be on the sideline or in the desired location.



You'll want to make sure the wifi labeled router is pointed at or down your bench, and the main router is pointed at the camera(s).



The LIVE boxes do have internal batteries but should be charged before every game.

If your using an external monitor, an HDMI splitter is needed between the camera and the LIVE box / monitor.









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