How To Use Simple and Advanced Filters

Customization is the name of the game at VidSwap, regardless of which sport you're playing.  Our goal is to provide the user with the tools and options they need to get exactly what they want out of their games, as quickly as possible.  'Simple Filters' will help users do exactly that.




When you click into your game, it will open in the 'Simple Filter' view.  Beneath the video player screen, a list of pre-set filters will present itself down the left side.  Simply click on the filter and select the desired team to pull up those clips. 


'Simple Filter' search results display themselves sequentially and by playclip.  Click on any clip to watch it.  You can create Highlights and Reviews from 'Simple Filter' search results by selecting the clips and pressing the 'Create Highlight' or 'Create Review' buttons.



'Advanced' Filters work in the 'traditional' manner:  

When you're looking to really dig in and find specific in-game intersections of your tags (for example, looking for all shots that went wide in first period corner kicks - see screenshot below), this is the toolset you want to use.  Select the game events you're after and press the 'Apply Filter' button.



Anytime you create and save a custom stat in your 'SETTINGS' -> 'Stats' section, you will have the option of adding that new stat to your 'Simple Filters' list.  You can also select a previously created Operation-type Stat and click on the 'Edit Stat' button to add it to your list of Simple Filters:

When you do, the stat will be listed with all the other 'Simple Filters' and can be quickly called up with a click of your mouse.


 For more information on creating your own custom stats, please see this article here.


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