Adding Attributes To Tags In Flow-Based Sports

If you need help creating custom tags for your flow-based sport, please see our help article on this topic here


Great question.  Imagine the information you're looking for is a building somewhere.  To find it, you would need to construct a map.  Sometimes, you might only need to know the general region that building is located in (like, for instance, if you were wondering about the basic number of shots your team took in a game).

Sometimes, you'd want to know the city that building is in (like how many of those shots were taken by a particular athlete), and sometimes you'd want the specific address of that building (like how many of those athlete's shots were three-pointers that didn't go in).

Attributes (sometimes referred to as 'metadata') serve as your roadmap.  By adding attributes to your System or Custom Tags, you can refine the focus of your searches to an exponential degree.  In flow-based sports, adding attributes begins in the SETTINGS application.


You can add any number of custom attributes to any tag (system or custom), and you can click on any tag in your list to see what attributes (if any) have already been assigned to it.  System and Custom Tags are displayed on the left side of the page, and their corresponding attributes are displayed on the right:


Simply click on the tag that you wish to add attributes to (for this example, they will be added to a previously created 'Sample Custom Tag'), and then click on the 'Add Attribute' button on the upper right side of the page:


At this point, you will have five options for attribute types: Text, Number, List, Athlete Roster, and Team Name.  We'll go into more detail on each of these below.




A 'Text' attribute will allow you to add comments, critiques, etc. to the clip(s) of your choice.  Choose a name for your attribute, save it, and it will appear on the list of attributes associated with the tag.  In your filter, when you search through your 'Text' attributes, you will be able to search for any single word or phrase you assign to your clip (for more information, see this article here).





Similar to a 'Text' attribute, a 'Number' attribute will allow you to assign a number to the clip. Choose a name for your attribute, save it, and it will appear on the list of attributes associated with the tag.  In your filter, when you search through your 'Number' attributes, you will be able to search for values greater than, less than, or equal to the number you assign to your clip (for more information, see this article here).





This is the type of attribute you will probably use 90% of the time.  A 'List' attribute will allow you to assign categories or an organizational 'structure' to a clip.  For instance, if you wanted to tag and track the direction a goalkeeper was prone to send the ball on a goal kick, you might create a tag like this: 


You can add as many options as you'd like to your attribute (simply press 'Add Item' to add each one).  Always be sure to leave a 'blank' item as a placeholder, which will allow you to escape out of assigning an attribute, if necessary.  In your filter, you will be able to search for any item you add to your attribute (for more information, see this article here). Always be sure to save your work.




An 'Athlete Roster' attribute will allow you to assign any athlete on your or your opponent's roster to the clip.  In your filter, when you search through your 'Athlete Roster' tags, you will be able to pull up any clip designated by a chosen roster member (for more information, see this article here).





Similar to an 'Athlete Roster' attribute, a 'Team Name' attribute will allow you to assign either your team or the opposing team to the clip.  In your filters, when you search through your 'Team Name' attribute, you will be able to pull up any clip designated by a team name (for more information, see this article here).


After your attributes have been added to your tag(s), you'll see them displayed on the right hand side of the page:


Now you're ready to go and assign your custom tags and/or custom attributes to your clips. 

For more step-by-step information on assigning your custom tags and/or attributes to specific clips in flow-based sports, please see our help article on this topic here.

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