Creating Custom Tags for Flow-Based Sports

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VidSwap's custom tagging options allow you to pinpoint any game event for further review, and you can search through individual games (or entire seasons) for those instances at the push of a button.  Best of all, any custom tag you create will not be shared, even if you send your game to another party outside of your team: all your custom tags will remain private.


In flow-based sports, the first step in creating your custom tags is taken in the SETTINGS application:


From this page, you will see the list of system tags we log in each of your games.  To create a custom tag of your own, click on the 'Add Tag' button in the upper left corner of the screen:


In the pop-up box that opens, enter a name for the custom tag.  You can also set any 'Lead' and 'Duration' time and a hotkey for your tag:

  • 'Lead' time will allow you to 'pad' the beginning of the tag with a number of seconds you choose to 'set up' the action.  By default, your custom tag will have a two second lead time.
  • 'Duration' will set the length of time that your custom tag will be.  By default, the 'Duration' is set to '0', meaning you will have to manually start and stop the tag.  Entering a numerical value as a 'Duration' will automatically create a tag of that length at the point that tag is triggered.
  • You can choose any key you'd like for your custom tag's Hot Key except for 1) those already assigned to a system tag and 2) those used for the keyboard controls of the video player - basically the bottom row of your keyboard keys: z, x, c, v, b, n, and m).


A section displaying your custom tag(s) will appear beneath the system tags list: 


You can click on the 'Edit Tag' button at the top of the page to edit the information of your Custom Tag (assign a 'Hot Key', change the duration of the tag, etc.):


And that's it!  Your first custom tag has been created, and can be immediately accessed in both the 'timeline' and 'filter' views of your video editor.  But say you want more information to be associated with your tag...  Or maybe you're wondering how to clip your tag into a match...

For more step-by-step information on adding attributes to your custom tags in flow-based sports, please see our help article on this topic here.

For more step-by-step information on assigning your custom tags to specific clips in flow-based sports, please see our help article on this topic here.

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