Multi-Account / Multi-User Overview

We have recently implemented a change which should be a significant step forward in terms of team organization and management: the Hub Account.  This allows a single user to oversee multiple accounts, across different sports and in different capacities (as administrator, coach, or athlete) - even for different organizations.  

Small-scale, this change will be felt in such ways as the ability to use the same e-mail address for coaches, athletes, or administrators: just invite a player or coach via e-mail as usual, and if they are already in the system, they'll automatically be added to your team.  

Large-scale, multiple teams can be linked to a single account, allowing an administrator or coach easy access to all their team accounts with a single sign-in.  When first logging on, users will be provided with a list of all their accounts, with easy access to each.  Simply click on the 'switch to' tab to jump into the account you wish to use:

From there, it is business as usual.  When you have taken care of what you need to do, simply click on your name in the upper right hand corner of the screen, and choose the 'Switch Teams' option to be taken back to your list of teams.

If you have existing teams that you would like to link inside of a single Hub Account, please contact us at

If you wish to have the ability to add multiple additional teams to your Hub Account, that is another feature we can enable.  Please contact us at

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