Exchange Administration & Conference 'EXCHANGES' Upload

Exchange Administration enables the 'Office' account of a conference to take more control and pre-enter all of the conference's scheduled events (if you wish). This is an optional set-up, but one which will allow the conference administrator to regulate the level of access delinquent teams have to the data or games in their EXCHANGES folder.


When exchanging games in a conference, the priority is ensuring a level playing field for all; to make sure no one has an unfair advantage in terms of 'scouting out' a team while not being 'scouted out' themselves.  Exchange Administration can be brought into play at the Office's discretion if a team (or teams) are excessively late uploading games by the mandated deadline.

If a team is continually late or overdue uploading multiple games, there are enforcement options available to you (please see the 'ENFORCEMENT' section below).  You do NOT have to have set up an exchange upload schedule in order to use the enforcement options. 



Step one is to enter the conference schedule.  To access this feature, click into your EXCHANGES folder, and choose the 'admin' button:

You will automatically be taken to the 'Events' page.  After the schedule is entered, this page will display the games the teams will play in chronological order.  To add an event to the schedule, either click on the 'Add Exchange Schedule Event!' button, or the '+' button on the far right side of the top header:


You will be able to choose if the event you're adding to the schedule is a conference or non-conference game:

Enter the event details by clicking into the dropdown menus and selecting the participants, date, and time of the game.  You must set a deadline that the upload should be completed by.  After that deadline lapses, the team's access to the EXCHANGES folder will be limited to an upload window for the game(s) they are required to upload.

Once a team uploads their required video, they will automatically be 'unlocked' to view any of the games in the EXCHANGES section.


You can add games singly (by pressing 'Save') or multiples at once ('Save and Add Another').  The list of games will populate the 'Events' screen, and as games are uploaded, information regarding the team responsible for uploading (and the time they uploaded it) are displayed:



In the Policy section, please enter the conference exchange rules.  The contents of this section will be seen by conference members; this is an excellent way to ensure all teams understand what is required of them.

In the Members section, a list of the teams in your conference is displayed, along with a box to indicate their access status:


When a team's 'Active' checkbox is checked, the team has full access to the games in the EXCHANGES folder.  If you uncheck that box, that team can no longer view any video in the EXCHANGES folder - they are only presented with the option to upload video into EXCHANGES.  The 'unchecked' team will still have full access to all of their other folders.  Re-enabling the team is as simple and immediate as re-checking the box (it updates live, in real-time).

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