Continuous Video / Clipping Queue

For more information on the differences between Continuous and Clipped video, please see this article here.

For play-based sports like football, baseball, and softball, if you let your camera run for the length of the game (or for large chunks of it), please choose the 'continuous' option in the 'Upload Video' box when you upload your game to us:

Once uploaded, your video will be encoded and will await being clipped into separate plays (the number designates how many angles of footage have been uploaded):




If we're breaking down the game for you, we will do this.  If you chose to not have us break down your game, you will be responsible for clipping the video.

You can begin clipping your video by clicking on the 'actions' dropdown (the small box with the upside down triangle in it) to the far right of the playlist title and choosing the 'clip video' option:



Your 'Clipping Queue' will open up and display the uploaded angles that are ready to clip.  Click on the 'clip' button of whichever angle you want to access:


Once your selected angle opens up in the video player, click on 'Tag Mode' to bring up the editing console:


 Create your clips by playing the video and using the space bar to separate them into clips (press it once to start the clip and a second time to end the clip.  Repeat this for every play/pitch/etc.).  To quicken this process, you can clip your game while viewing in fast-forward, 3x speed, or 4x speed mode:


If you want to double check your clips, click on the 'End Tag Mode' button and switch into the filter view (by clicking on the 'Filter' icon/button at the top center of the screen):


A list of the clips you've created will populate, and you can watch any or all of them.



When you're finished clipping your game, click (only ONCE) the 'Import All Clips' button in the top right corner of the screen. Within the next few minutes (as the clips encode), they will begin to show in the playlist's grid.


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