Configuring The 'Grid View' For You And Your Players In Play-Based Sports

You can customize which tags are visible in your grid and which show on your video overlay. You can also customize which tag columns your players can see (for example, if you need to hide something for grading or evaluations).

If you need help creating custom tags for your play-based sport, please see this article here

To set your grid view, first click in to your 'SETTINGS' application:

At the upper left corner of the page, click on the 'Configure Grid' tab.  


On this page, you can determine the tags (and the order of those tags) that you wish to have displayed in your video player.  By default, the 'Your Grid' box is empty.  When the 'Your Grid' box is empty, only the system tags associated with your playclips show in the video player.  If you have added any custom tags and want them to display alongside our system tags, you would need to add them to your grid configuration here.  

Simply drag and drop the tags you wish to see in your grid from the 'Available Tags' section on the left side of the box, over to the 'Your Grid' section on the right side of the box (you can use the 'search' box to quickly locate any tags you're looking for).  

In the 'Available Tags' section, the 'System Tags' are listed first, and any 'Custom Tags' you have created are listed below them.  You will have to choose all the tags (system AND custom) that you want to have displayed in your grid view.  

Once you have populated your 'Your Grid' list with all the tags you wish to see, you can drag and drop them into the order you wish to have them displayed:

Check the 'In Overlay?' box if you want your selected tags to show on the video overlay at the top of the screen while you're viewing your match.  

You can also choose how wide the columns will be in your grid by clicking into the 'Column Width (pixels)' box(es).  (By default, the columns are 75 pixels wide).

If you customize your grid view but later want to change it again (or return to the default list of tags), you can remove tags from the 'Your Grid' box by clicking on them and hitting the 'Remove Tag' button.

Be sure to click 'Save' when you are finished.


To customize the grid view of your Athletes, go to your 'ROSTERS'.

You can set what information displays in your athletes' grid view and overlay, to fine-tune focus or spotlight technique.  Simply select the players and click on the 'Actions' button on the far right side of the main header.  Select the 'Update Grid Config' option.  You can mass-update or individually customize what each player / position sees, so they can each have their own custom view.


Now drag, drop, and arrange the tags you want them to see, in the order you want them to see them.  Check the 'In Overlay?' box to choose which tags you'd like to be visible in their video overlay.  You can choose their column width here as well (by default, these columns will be 75 pixels wide).

Be sure to click 'Save'.

THE NEXT STEP...: to assign attributes to the tags in your customized 'Grid View'.  Please see our help article on this topic here

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