How to grab games from your SCHEDULES and get them logged privately

If your league exchange does not mandate that our basic game breakdowns be shared with everyone, here's how to grab games from the SCHEDULES area so that you can get them logged privately in your VIDEOS area.

When your league or conference chooses to go this route, the games you upload into your SCHEDULES folder will NOT be automatically logged. Since you're only required to share the raw video, it's up to you to choose the games (including your own) that you'd like to have analyzed. These games will be logged on a game-by-game basis depending on which games you select, and when you submit them to us.  Please make sure you plan ahead and send the games that you wish to have logged to us sooner rather than later.


1) From inside your public SCHEDULES folder, find the game you're wanting to move to your private VIDEOS folder.  Click on the 'actions' dropdown box to the far right of the game's title (the small box with the upside down triangle in it) and choose the "add to my playlists" option.  That game will be added to the 'Games' folder inside your private VIDEOS section. 


Now look inside your private VIDEOS area, and select the game(s) you want to have logged.  From that game's 'actions' dropdown box, select 'log game'.  NOTE: If the game you are moving from SCHEDULES to VIDEOS has already been logged, you do not have to have it broken down again.  Basically, an exact copy of the game is placed in your VIDEOS folder.

If you choose to have it logged, this game will now be sent to our team to be broken down for you.



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