Combining MP4 Video Clips (Downloaded Highlights)

This video shows you how to merge, splice, or combine multiple video clips together into a single larger video file.

This a handy trick to use (for example) before uploading multiple files (in order to keep them straight and in the order you want them to be) or after downloading numerous Highlight clips.

This can be done on both Mac & PC using Quicktime.



A similar process can be used on a PC with Windows Movie Maker:

1) For ease of access, put all the files you'll be merging, combining, or splicing onto your computer desktop.

2) Open your first file in Movie Maker (right click on the file and choose 'Open With' -> 'Movie Maker')

3) When Movie Maker opens, you'll see the first frame of the selected clip in the video player display (on the left side of the screen), and the list of clips being used for the video in the timeline display (on the right side of the screen):


4) To add another clip to Movie Maker (in order to 'stitch together' the clips), simply click on the clip you wish to add and drag it into the timeline display (the black area below is the computer desktop):


5) Your selected clip will now show in the list of clips:


6) To save your new video of combined clips, click on the "Save Movie" button along the top header, and select the format/size you wish it to be saved as (VidSwap supports High Definition video, so for optimal playback quality you can choose the 'For High-Definition Display' option, should you wish):


7) Now set the title of the new video file (and the location it will save to), press 'Save', and you're finished!




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