Video Player Settings Menu

The Settings menu for our video player is located at the bottom right corner of the viewscreen, and is accessed via the 'gear' icon:



This menu provides control for the following (please note that some options will depend on your sport):


VOLUME - Choosing this will enable you to adjust the volume of your video via a sliding bar pop-up to the left of the box:


ANGLE MODE (play-based sports only) - This will give you the option of choosing whether or not your video playback will intercut your multi-angle footage (if applicable). The default player setting is 'single angle', which will show the game from the primary video angle.  Choosing the 'intercut' option will intercut the multiple angles of the footage with each other; playing the primary view first, and following that with the other view:


VIDEO DEFINITION - By default this auto detects, but you can also manually select a video quality depending on the speed of your internet connection:

Auto = Auto-detects your connection

HD = High Definition

SD = Standard Definition

WD = Web Definition


DATA OVERLAY - This displays any play data in the upper left corner of the video screen and is 'on' by default:


SHOW CONTROLS - This setting 'solidifies' the video player control panel, rather than allowing it to fade out when the mouse pointer is not resting on it.  By default this is 'off':


SHOW TELESTRATIONS - (Play-based sports; only shows in flow-based sports for Highlights / Reviews) With this setting, you can choose whether or not any telestrations associated with your clip(s) are shown during the video playback.  You can also set the telestrations to pause the video for a brief period of time (5 seconds / 10 seconds) and then continue playing without pressing 'Play' again.  'Show Telestrations' is 'on' by default: 



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