Why Didn't My Game Get Logged (broken down)?

If you uploaded a game and it didn't get logged (broken down), you may have forgotten to select a 'What type of breakdown?' option during your upload.

When uploading matches into your VIDEOS folder, you are always presented with an option of whether the game gets logged or not (if you have credits to do so).

By default, any game you upload is NOT broken down; you must select the use of a credit to trigger a breakdown.

1) Make sure you choose Home Game', 'Away Game', or 'Scout Game' as your playlist type - we don't break down 'Practice' or 'Other' videos.


2) Select the type of breakdown you'd like by clicking in the corresponding box:



You can still send a game to be logged after it was uploaded:

1) Either choose 'log game' from your actions dropdown box to the far right of the playlist listing...: 


 2)...or select multiple games to be logged by clicking in the boxes to the left of the playlist titles, clicking on the 'Actions' button along the top right edge of the page, and selecting the 'log game' option:




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