How to Upload Video

If you haven't yet, please run through our upload checklist here.

Reminder > Please use GOOGLE CHROME as your browser.

On your dashboard, click the 'Upload Video' button:

Next, choose whether this is a 'Private Video' or 'Exchange Schedule Video'.

If you're part of a league exchange, you'll see the option pop-up (shown below). If you're an individual team, you won't see the pop-up, but will instead be taken directly to the 'Private Video' option page (see next section, below).

Private Video = Only your team will see these videos.

Exchange Schedule Video = If you are part of a conference, this is the place you'll be uploading your video to.  Your whole league will see these videos. 




For teams looking to upload video as part of a league, conference, or exchange, choose the 'Exchange Schedule Video' option.  Select which season (if necessary) you wish to upload the video to, and press the 'Upload' button.


Choose whether this is a Conference or Non-Conference game:

From this point on, the uploading process follows the same path as the Game Info Box of a 'Private Video' upload (please see below).


If you choose PRIVATE VIDEO:Screen_Shot_2017-10-18_at_10.17.02_AM.png

Select the type of video this is.  Only 'Home', 'Away', and 'Scout' games can be logged or broken down by VidSwap.  'Other' and 'Practice' videos are typically for practice or training videos, and may be assigned tags or edits by you and your team.

Fill in the Game Info Box and please make sure it is correct.  You CANNOT change it later.   


If one is available, please include the online BOX SCORE stats link for your game on the 'Link To Stats' line.  For volleyball, please upload a SHAREABLE link (Google Doc, Google Drive, Dropbox, iCloud, etc.) of your team's scoresheet to assure as accurate a breakdown as possible.

Choose the level of breakdown you'd like for us to apply to the game (if any).

By default, the 'Remove Audio' option is enabled, and we highly recommend leaving that checked.  Removing the audio will decrease the chances of encoding failure.


 (If you're uploading video for a play-based sport like football or baseball, and need help choosing between the 'Clipped' or 'Continuous' video format, please see this article here.)


'Who Played In The Game?' / Lineup Charts

For greater tagging accuracy and to include such things as an athlete's game-specific jersey number change (or to narrow down a large roster), you can list both the specific athletes playing in this game and the positions they occupied, substitutions, etc.  Please make sure this list is as complete as possible.  Leaving it blank will send your 'default' roster to the loggers.  For more information, please see these articles:

Soccer Lineup Charts

Volleyball Lineup Charts

Hockey Lineup Charts

Basketball Lineup Charts



'Select Video Source'

This option will only be available if you use our VidSwap LIVE! service.  You will be able to choose whether you wish to upload the footage recorded in the VidSwap LIVE! app during your game, or if you're uploading 'traditional' footage from a video camera.  We'll continue this article assuming you have video footage to upload. 

(If you need assistance uploading VidSwap LIVE! video, please see this article here.)


The next step is to Select Files To Upload.


Selecting Files to Upload

If you have two or more angles to upload for your game (sideline and endzone, for example), both of those angles should be uploaded during the same upload session, and into the same playlist (NOT separately). 

In the upload window, click 'add angle'.  

For 'Basic'-level breakdowns, single-angle films, sideline video, or the wide-angle shot of a 'Medium' or 'Advanced'-level breakdown, select that footage for the 'add 1st Angle video'.


If you need to add a second (or more) angle of footage (such as the tight-angle shot of a 'Medium' or 'Advanced'-level breakdown or an endzone video), after selecting the first angle footage (but BEFORE pressing 'Upload File(s)'), press 'Add Angle' again and select that footage for the 'add 2nd Angle video'.

(Repeat as necessary for 3rd and/or 4th Angle video clips.)


If you only had one camera filming your game, please do NOT upload different CLIPS as different ANGLES.  The basic rule (barring an odd event like needing to switch cameras halfway through a game because the battery died, etc.) is to load all of one camera's footage as one angle. 

You can use your Shift or Control keys to select multiple files for upload.  The order you set these videos in is the order we will "stitch them together" before logging your match.  PLEASE ARRANGE THESE FILES IN THE ORDER THAT THE GAME PROGRESSES CHRONOLOGICALLY.  If there is an error in the running order of your video, you will have to re-upload the game, and potentially have it re-logged.



If you're on an AVCHD camera in MP4 mode, the files are usually located in a DCIM folder, then labeled as .MP4. 

If you're uploading from an AVCHD camera in AVCHD mode, the files will be located in the PRIVATE > AVCHD > BDMV > STREAM folder.  You will want the .MTS files. 

If you're on a newer Mac, the AVCHD folders will be packaged in a Quicktime file and you'll need to copy the video files onto your desktop so they can be grabbed for uploading. Simply right click (or 'Ctrl' + mouse click) and 'Show Package Contents' for AVCHD and BDMV until you reach the STREAM folder.  Again, you'll want to move those .MTS files to your desktop before uploading them:


IF YOU'RE UPLOADING FROM A DVD, select the VOB files directly from the DVD starting with the number 1…
Please do NOT upload the VIDEO_TS.VOB file that is around 60 KB.  That is an index file, not video, and will crash your upload.

Once added, click 'Upload Files'.

Note: you can drag and drop the files to reorder, if needed.



About copying your BOX SCORE stats link for the game

This is a very important step in making sure your game is tagged as accurately as possible. If you're a college or pro team, your stats are usually available online, right after the game.  Please paste the link to your Box Score page on the 'Link To Stats' line in your Game Info box at the beginning of the upload process:


Paste here....



High schools and club teams may not always have those, and that's okay, but if you do have them, please add them.


If you've already uploaded but the upload was interrupted (leading to only part of the game being online), you can continue the upload:

For play-based sports like football, baseball, or softball, if you were uploading a 'Clipped' match you can continue the upload from where it left off; you don't need to re-upload the whole thing.  If you were uploading a 'Continuous' video, you do need to re-upload all files again.

For flow-based sports like soccer, hockey, basketball, or volleyball, you'll need to select all of the files and angles for the game and re-upload.

Select the playlist you're looking to re-upload, and choose the "upload" box to the right of the playlist title.


You can report a problem with a Schedule event or game by clicking the 'report problem' link from the event dropdown. 



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