Downloading Video From Hudl To Upload To VidSwap

If you are a Hudl user and need to upload video into VidSwap:

1) Log in to your Hudl account.

2) Go to your 'Manage Library' area.

3) Select the game you want, and on the left, choose 'Download'.  You will be presented with the choice of downloading your game in one file or in multiple files.  For play-based sports (like Football, Softball, and Baseball) have your games returned to you clipped, but for flow-based sports (like basketball, soccer, volleyball, or hockey), we recommend choosing the 'One File' option (if available).

4) You'll be e-mailed a link from Hudl that you can download the game from. If you don't see it, please check your junk/spam folder. Once you've downloaded the video, it may be in a zip folder.  If it is, please open or unzip the folder, log in to VidSwap, and upload the files. Again, you MUST unzip a zip folder so you can grab the video files.

Check out this link for help unzipping on Windows.

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