Downloading Video

Downloading video is done from within the browser.  You can initiate a download by using the 'actions' dropdowns:

For a single-game download, use the 'actions' dropdown to the far right of the game's playlist title: 

Simply click on the dropdown (a box with an upside down triangle in it) and select the 'download' option:

To download multiple games, use the 'Actions' button along the upper right corner of the page: 

Select the games you want to download by clicking in the small boxes to the left of the playlist titles, click on the 'Actions' button, and select the 'download' option:

If you're downloading multiple files, a pop-up window prepares all of the files into a single zip file.

Please make sure the pop-up window is not being blocked.

Always allow pop-ups from VidSwap.

 Now retry the download.  The following window will show as your download prepares.  This may take a few minutes if there are a lot of files.

Once the download is ready, you'll see the download button to click.


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