Downloading Video

Downloading video is done from within the browser.  You can initiate a download by using the 'actions' dropdowns:

For a single-game download, use the 'actions' dropdown to the far right of the game's playlist title: Screen_Shot_2020-05-13_at_2.35.01_PM.png

... and select the 'download' option:


To download multiple games, use the 'Actions' button along the upper right corner of the page: ACTIONS.png

Select the games you want to download by clicking in the small boxes to the left of the playlist titles, click on the 'Actions' button, and select the 'download' option:


If you're downloading multiple files, a pop-up window prepares all of the files into a single zip file.

Please make sure the pop-up window is not being blocked.  

Always allow pop-ups from VidSwap.  You can disable your pop-up blocker to get your download going:

 Now retry the download.  The following window will show as your download prepares.  This may take a few minutes if there are a lot of files.

Once the download is ready, you'll see the download button to click.

Once it downloads, you can open a zip file on a Mac by simply double clicking on the zip file.  It should open for you automatically.

 To open zip files on a PC, please follow these steps here.

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