Football Reports

'Football Reports' gives you a powerful way to analyze your numbers. We provide a set of basic system reports based on typical play-type data, and you can add custom stats of your own to tailor your Reports to encompass exactly what you're looking for.

Your Reports are accessed in your 'STATS' section:


To open a Report, simply click on the 'reports' box relating to the 'Season' (for private 'VIDEOS' games) or 'Schedules' (for conference exchange 'SCHEDULES' games) you're after:


Select 'My Team' or another team you're wanting to analyze from the list in the dropdown box and press 'Next>>':


Select the report you're wanting to pull up (both system and custom reports will be available here; for more info on creating custom reports, see below) and press the 'Next>>' button:

Click in the checkboxes to the left of the game or games you want to run through the report and press the 'Next>>' button:


When a Report opens, you are presented with an overview of the selected teams, but (if one is present) you can click on the "+" sign to the left of a team name to break down the stats further.

If you wanted to export the data from your report straight to an Excel spreadsheet, you would click the 'Export' option in the bottom left corner of the screen here:

Clicking on the "+" will provide you with a more in-depth overview of that team's play choices and results:

The reports include stats on the number of plays of that type, total yards of those plays, and the percentage of play-calls of that type.



If you wanted to build a custom report that would analyze particular elements you're looking for (for instance, if you wanted to see what formations are run on certain play calls or what coverages you'll see most frequently against each formation), you would start in your SETTINGS section:


Click on the 'Reports' tab, and 'Add Report' to begin:

After you name your report, it's as simple as choosing what tags you want to compare, and how you would like them arranged.

Top Axis will display the tag values you'd like to compare, listed across the top of the page.

Left Axis will display the tag values you'd like to compare (to those of the the top axis), listed down the left side of the page.

The 'Add Dimension' button will allow you to add a tag/search field to your axis.

For my example, I'm creating a report called "Test Report - Form vs. Play Type" that compares a team's formations with their chosen play type.  As seen below, from the dropdown menu (which displays all your tags) I chose 'Team Ball' and 'Form' for the Top Axis (again, the 'Add Dimension' button will allow me to add each of those search fields)...

...and I will click on 'Add Dimension' and choose 'Play Type' from the dropdown for the Left Axis.  Always be sure to save your work.

After saving the configuration, the new report will show on the list of available reports to apply to any game (or number of games) you wish:


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