Accessing Stats

If you are looking for help with creating Custom Stats, please check out our help article here.

If you are looking for help with creating Custom Stat Sheets, please check out our help article here.

Accessing the stats for an individual game can be done from your main VIDEOS or SCHEDULES page.  Along with the 'watch' box that lets you view your game, you'll see a box for "stats".  Clicking on this button will give you the option of calculating either the individual athlete or team stats for that game, as well as any other sport-specific statistics or charts we track.  Any custom stat sheets you have created can also be accessed here: 


If you are wanting to view stats on a larger multi-game or season-long scale, go to your STATS section:

Choose the Season or Schedule you're wanting to view (if applicable), and select 'stats' or 'charts':

Follow the wizard to refine your choices and bring up the stats of the Team you're looking for:

When you select the stat sheet you'd like to access from the dropdown menu, you can choose between team or athlete stats (as well as any custom stat sheet you have created).  For this example, I'll chose a 'Team' stat sheet:

 You'll be able to call up stats in a season-long cumulative overview, a season-long game-by-game summary, or choose the specific games you wish to focus on:

Select the games you want from the list of logged games for the season, and click 'Next>>':

VOILA!  Instant customized game statistics list!

If any of your tags have been updated and those changes are not yet reflected in your stats, click the recalculate / refresh button in the upper right corner of your stats readout:

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