Video Playback Is Slow / Freezing / Buffering Issues

If you're experiencing slow video playback, here are a couple of things to try:

1) Please make sure your internet connection is working properly.  You definitely need more than 1 - 2 Mbps of quality download bandwidth to have a decent playback experience.  Even more is needed if you're streaming HD video.  You can check your download and upload speeds here:

2) Plug in via an Ethernet cable, rather than using wireless / wi-fi.

3) Use Google Chrome as your browser.

4) Please keep in mind that if it's a new game you're watching for the first time (or an old game you haven’t watched in a long time) it may not be cached (saved or stored) near you yet. The initial viewing could be slower than normal. After that first time, the video gets cached near you, and playback becomes much snappier.

5) Once in a while, it's good to clear your browser cache, close your browser, and reopen it. Each browser has unique methods of achieving this.  Check here for browser-specific instructions: 

6) If you're on Windows, try lowering or turning off hardware acceleration. 

7) On a Mac and/or PC, try turning off hardware acceleration in Chrome.

8) Adjust the quality of your playback via the 'video definition' tab in the player (the "gear" tab down at the bottom right corner of your video editor):

Auto = Tries to auto-detect your connection

HD = High Definition

SD = Standard Definition

WD = Web Definition

9) Use our iOS app to download video into your iPad or iPhone.  This way, you don't need to rely on an internet connection for film sessions.

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