'REVIEWS', in review


Similar to Highlights, a Review is a set of clips you assign to an individual player or coach, a group of players or coaches, or all of your players or coaches, in any combination you wish. It is completely customizable, and can be totally private: only the players or coaches you've sent the Review to can see it.  You can also engage in a live post-by-post dialogue with the recipient(s), and measure how much time your players are spending on their assignment via the 'Report' feature.



1) Your Roster needs to be in place and current in order to send athletes a Review.  For help with entering your Roster, please see this article here.

In order to be assigned a Review, your players need to be marked as active for the current season.  If they are not, they won't show as potential recipients when you create your Review.  If you need help with this, please visit the help article here.


 2) From your Videos, Schedules, or Highlights folders, select a clip or clips you want to either create a review from or add to a previously created Review.  Click the 'Create Review' tab.

You'll be able to add your clips to a previously created Review or create a completely new one:


 3) When creating a new Review, give it a specific name.  Add any details you wish to cover, or pose a question or concept that needs to be learned.  Lastly, choose when the Review will expire.  The maximum "lifespan" of a Review is three weeks.


4) Select who to send the Review to.  This option will only be available when you create a new Review.  If you chose to add clips to a previously created Review, everyone who was authorized to view that old Review will be able to see the new additions.


An e-mail will automatically be sent to those roster members, letting them know a Review is waiting for them.

 5) On your main 'Reviews' page, you can click 'view' to watch a specific current Review.  Only the Coach who originated the Review and the invited roster member(s) can see or access the Review.  

Coaches who were invited into the Review have editing abilities.  

The Coach who originated the Review can also access the 'actions' dropdown box (to the far right of the Review listing; the box with the upside-down triangle in it) to either send the Review to other roster members, or delete the review.


6) Just like when you create a Highlight, you can add or update Telestrations and play descriptions to your Review.  If you need help with that, please visit our help page here.

7) Viewing a Review is almost identical to viewing a Highlight, but a Review features an additional comment section along the right side of the screen that allows you to have a threaded conversation (that live-updates automatically) with everyone else included in the Review.

 8) From the Reviews dashboard, coaches can click into the 'report' button to see detailed analytics on how engaged the players are on each Review.


9) You can continue to "build" a Review, even after it is sent out. Adding Telestrations or comments, adding further video clips to the Review, rearranging or deleting clips - all of these things are possible after a Review has been sent to roster members. It's a "living" document that can be modified and updated throughout its lifespan. 


You can also create Highlights or other Reviews from a Review you were sent (or created).  This is an excellent option for players wanting to save clips sent to them by coaches, coaches wanting a more permanent record of an assignment being worked on, or any other reason.

In the Review, just follow the steps laid out above (select your clips, click on the 'Create Review' button, etc.) and you'll be all set.


As always, if you have any questions, please contact Support at support@vidswap.com

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