Volleyball Scoresheets

Including your volleyball scoresheets along with your upload will ensure we tag your games as accurately as possible.  Not only that, your team members will be able to access the sheets at any time after the game has been uploaded.

You can do this in three easy steps:
1) Take a photo of your sheets
2) Upload it to a filesharing site such as Dropbox, or create a Google Doc out of it. (If you take the photo on an iPhone, you can use the iPhone’s native iCloud link function.)
3) Paste that SHARABLE link to your scoresheet in the 'Link To Stats' line of the game information upload box:



That will get that info to the loggers directly.

If you don't have access to the game's stats when you're uploading, you can add them later.

To add them after upload, choose the "edit" option from the actions dropdown on the far right of the playlist listing.  Add your stats link in the provided space, and press 'Save'.


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