Tagging Player Touches

In order to tag the touches of your players in a game, you need to make sure your roster is entered and current.

If you need help entering your roster, please see this article here.

If you need help updating the active seasons of the athletes on your roster, please see this article here.

You get started by clicking on the 'watch' button of the game you're wanting to work on, and switching into 'timeline' mode (by clicking on the 'edit' button - the notebook and pencil - at the top center of the viewscreen): 



You then initiate 'Tag Mode':

When you do, the 'Tag Mode' menu will open on the bottom half of your screen, showing all of your available tags on the left side of the screen (the 'Tag Console') and your attribute window on the right:

Screen_Shot_2017-10-27_at_11.24.59_AM.pngThe dimensions of these windows are customizable, and can be resized to allow for plenty of room for your roster tags to show in the attribute form window on the right side of the screen.  Simply drag and drop the borders of the windows to set the parameters more to your liking.

By default, the timeline is hidden in 'Tag Mode'; you can open a portion of it by clicking on the 'show/hide timeline' button - the button with three horizontal lines to the immediate right of the 'End Tag Mode' button:


Once the setup is to your liking, play your game video and use your keyboard hand to trigger the 'Touches' hotkey ("T") and your mouse to click on the player roster attribute that spawns in the attribute form box (on the right side of the screen).  Each 'Touches' tag you set will spawn a blue 'tag event' on the timeline:

When you finish entering the attribute information on the right side of the screen, press 'done'.  After every five or so tags, press the 'Save All' button to keep browser performance to a maximum (as otherwise, the attribute information will begin to pile up and bog down your player):

When the game's touches have been tagged, press the 'End Tag Mode' button to save your tags and navigate to other areas of your account:


In your 'filter' view, you can search for your touches and pull them out of your game(s):


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