Camera Setup

This will help you set the proper record settings on your camcorder prior to filming. There are a few types of camcorders this article is intended for, notably HD camcorders of the AVCHD/MP4 variety.

MP4:  if you have one of these, either from Sony or Canon - great choice. All of Canon's consumer models feature this mode in their models from 2012 to the present. Sony started including MP4 mode in their models from 2013 to the present. 

To set your Sony into MP4 mode, go into the camera's Menu -> image quality/size -> and click the 'HD' setting to change it to 'MP4'.

On Canons, there are a few different ways to accomplish this, depending on the model.  In general, go into the camera's Menu, and look for 'Movie Format'.  Change this to MP4. Go to 'Recording Mode' and change this setting to 4 Mbps. 

With these settings, your camera will now record to 720p MP4 files - great for uploading to VidSwap and for use on any computer or mobile device.

AVCHD: Please understand: all MP4 models have AVCHD modes, but not all AVCHD models have MP4 modes. If your camera model is a few years old, it may just film in AVCHD.

This can include many brands from Canon, Sony, Panasonic, JVC, and more. There will be many different ways to change this setting, but in general you want to go into the camera's 'Menu' and adjust the record setting to LP or Long Play or 5 Mbps. 

Sony usually refers to this as LP and Canon uses 5 Mbps.

This will record to HD MTS files small enough that uploading to VidSwap won't be difficult.

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