How To Properly Film Basketball

Things to consider first:

1) Do you have the right equipment?  An HD camera and good tripod can make a HUGE difference. Take a look at our recommendations here.

2) Make sure to properly set up your camcorder's record mode.  Take a look at our recommendations here.

Filming technique:

Zoom: In general, you don't want to be too tight or too wide; you want a little less than half the court in the shot. This will allow you to see every player during play.

Smooth camera motion: A great tripod is the key to this.  Because the camera inevitably moves so much during filming, a solid, reliable tripod is one of the single most important components in filming a great video. 

When to start and stop the camera: This can be different for everyone, but we recommend stopping only on quarters/periods, timeouts, and (sometimes) during other whistles or play stoppages. The key is to not miss any of the action, and stopping the camera at these times breaks up the video enough so uploads are easier and does it at natural pauses in the game (where the chances of missing gameplay are reduced).

Scoreboards: Film the scoreboards at each period change and at the end of the game.

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