How To Download Video in iPad / iPhone App

Our iOS app allows you to stream games instantly or download them into the app for convenient access during those times when you won’t have internet access.  You can download our app for free from the App Store:


In the App, when you're in your VIDEOS, SCHEDULES or HIGHLIGHTS, you’ll see one of two icons to the left of the video you wish to view:


A "Cloud" icon means this video is accessible only by streaming from the internet.  These videos will stream at a lower quality (web definition).  When you click on the Cloud icon, you will be given the choice to download the file.

A "Device" icon means this is a downloaded video.  This video is "local" in the app and you don’t need an internet connection to view it.  These videos will be viewable in the highest quality available.

(Note: your "Account" menu always shows how much space you have available on your device for downloading video)

1. Click the "Cloud" icon to download the video and tap on the 'Add To Downloads' tab:


2. While videos are downloading, they can still be clicked into and viewed. NOTE: Please keep in mind that downloads will pause if the device goes to sleep, or if you leave the app.


3. When a video is downloaded, you’ll be able to quickly access this from the DOWNLOADS tab or from inside the VIDEOS, SCHEDULES, or HIGHLIGHTS tab that it was downloaded from:


4. To delete a downloaded video, simply click on the "File" icon and tap on the 'Remove From Downloads' tab:


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