I'm having trouble logging in: Lost / Forgotten Username or Password; 'Invalid Login Credentials'

Login trouble is most often encountered by entering an incorrect username / password combination. Usernames are NOT case sensitive, but passwords ARE case sensitive. Please make sure you are typing in your chosen or assigned username, coupled with your correct password (case sensitive and with no spaces).

If you don't know your username, you can find that out by going through the steps to reset your password.

A password can be reset at any time by clicking on the blue 'forgot' link right on the login page


Doing so will ask you for the e-mail address your account is listed under, and entering that information will get a password reset e-mail sent to that address:


email.pngClicking on that link will take you to a screen where you can set your new password, and an email will then be sent confirming the change, and listing the username associated with that account:



Screen_Shot_2021-06-16_at_1.55.52_PM.pngUsername Recovery: When you receive the password reset confirmation e-mail (see above), the username on the account will be listed in bold type.

If you're still running into difficulty after following the above steps, browser cookies could be causing the trouble; please try logging out completely and re-logging in: vidswap.com/logout

If nothing seems to work, please email support@vidswap.com and specify which account you need help with. The VidSwap team can reset it, if necessary.

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