Pixellot YOU Auto-Imports!

Great news! Pixellot’s premier portable camera solutions - the Pixellot Air and Pixellot YOU - are now integrated even further into your VidSwap experience.  We've been working hard and are ready to unveil the first wave of results with you...


You're going to love it!  All of your uploads moving forwards will be created as 'GAMES' (rather than as 'Default' playlists), which opens up a slew of options that can be done with them right out of the gate. 


If your team or league presently has a season-long breakdown plan that allows for the full analysis of your games, those games will be sent to the loggers for a full breakdown automatically after upload. 




Even better, you'll now be able to assign a team identity to your opponents after your game breakdown (no need to worry about using "Away Team" as a placeholder, or having entered the wrong team name), as well as link any "unnamed player" athletes in your breakdown to actual players on your roster.

You can now switch home games to away games (and vice versa), or create a Scout-type game if one of the teams you're looking for is unavailable:





(Also, you'll soon have the ability to purchase individual game breakdown credits through your YOU app and send the game to the loggers immediately upon event creation!)

We're hard at work to bring you the revolutionary function and features you've come to expect from Pixellot...  This is only the beginning!


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