Strike Zone Box

When reviewing baseball or softball footage, you now have the ability to call up a Strike Zone Box that will overlay upon your footage and allow you a clear view of the Strike Zone.  


The 'Strike Zone' button is the 'target' icon on the far left side of your player controls:


Clicking upon it will turn it blue and display a white box on the screen that can be moved or re-sized as you see fit:


You can re-size the Strike Zone Box by clicking upon and "pulling" the black squares at each corner and edge of the box.

To reposition the box, click anywhere onscreen (outside of the Strike Zone Box) to 'de-select' the black squares at each corner and edge of the Strike Zone Box, then click upon and drag the box to where you want it to go.

You can change the orientation of the box by clicking upon (and holding) the green 'G' along the top center of the box, and moving your mouse to spin the box:


This box is a persistent overlay, and will remain onscreen until it is deactivated (by clicking upon the 'target' icon again).


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