Clip Creator

'Clip Creator' is our streamlined method of taking clips of footage out of games.  It's the perfect tool for athletes or coaches wanting to quickly grab a play or two and turn them into highlights. 

Unlike custom tags, no "permanent" clip is being created (and you can't assign attribute information to it), but if you're looking for a method of pulling a clip out of your game simply and efficiently, there's no better tool.

If you would like more information on creating custom tags for your sport, please see this article here.


To begin, open the game you want a clip from by clicking on its corresponding 'watch' button:


To get the best view of your game, you can increase the video player's viewscreen window size in a couple of ways:

1) By clicking on the border between the viewscreen and the filters and dragging downwards:


2) By clicking on the 'Hide Filters' button in the center of the screen, below the viewscreen:


3) By clicking on the 'Fullscreen' button to the far right of the video player controls:



Once you have a good view of the action, play the video.  When you come to the point where you would like to begin clipping footage, click on the 'Toggle Clipper' button (the "star" icon) to the far right of the video player controls:


When activated, the "star" will turn blue and a clipper timeline will show at the bottom of the viewscreen:


You can navigate through the video by either clicking on a point on the timeline, or by clicking upon and dragging the solid blue 'frog's eye' across the timeline:


The red line in the center of the screen marks the point you are at in your video:


When you reach a point in the video where you want to begin clipping, clicking on the timeline will set a 'Clip Envelope'.  Clicking on the timeline will set your Clip Envelope's start point and dragging the edges of it will encompass the clip you want:


(You can drag the borders of your Clip Envelope back past your red 'center line'.)

If needed, you can use the '+5' or '-5' buttons on your video player controls to slightly 'bump' the footage and expose a bit more of the timeline that is offscreen:



If you know exactly the spot in the video you wish to clip, you can click on the 'Set' tool to the far right of the timeline and manually set the start and stop points of your clip:



When the length of your clip has been set to your liking, just click on 'Clip' to pull that footage:


Name your clip...


...and either create a new highlight with it, or add it to a previously existing highlight (by clicking on the title of the listed highlight):




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