iOS App Navigation - Seasons & Games/Practice/Other Folders

One of the features unveiled in the newest version of the iOS App is an updated navigation pathway to incorporate smoother and quicker transitions between seasons and sub-folders.  (Please note: "smaller" devices, such as phones, will still utilize the folder/tree navigational structure to save space.)

You can see it at work in the VIDEOS and SCHEDULES sections:


Clicking into VIDEOS now takes you directly into your most recent season's 'Games' folder.  (Clicking into SCHEDULES still offers you a choice of seasons to open.)

IMG_0178.PNGFrom your 'VIDEOS' -> 'Games' folder, if you wish to change to your 'Practice' or 'Other' folders, simply click on the blue 'Games' link at the upper left corner of the screen, and select a different folder:


Likewise, if you were wanting to examine games from a different season, click on the blue season indicator and choose another one from the dropdown:


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