Navigation - Seasons, Rosters, and Games/Practice/Other

We have recently upgraded our navigation pathways to incorporate smoother and quicker transitions between seasons and sub-folders. This affects the VIDEOS, SCHEDULES, and ROSTERS apps.


Clicking into VIDEOS now takes you directly into your most recent season's 'Games' folder.

If you wish to change to your 'Practice' or 'Other' folders, simply click on the blue 'Games' link at the upper left of the screen, and select a different folder:


 Likewise, if you were wanting to examine games from a different season, click on the blue season indicator and choose another one from the dropdown:



There is a similar workflow now in ROSTERS


Athletes are still arranged by active season, but the seasons are individually displayed now.  To switch between seasons, all you need to do is click on the blue season indicator and choose another:


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