Shot Charts and Heat Maps

Adding to the list of powerful analytical tools we provide you with, we are proud to announce the addition of shot charts and heat maps to your logged games.

To open a chart, click on the 'stats' box on the playlist title line:


We offer multiple charts for most sports; click on the one you'd like to access from the dropdown box:

The Shot Chart for that game view will open in a 'Success' overview mode, statistically breaking down the regions of the field/court and respective successes in those areas:

There is also a 'Position' setting which will allow you a view of shots from field/court location, with each point color-coded for the results of the shot.  You can remove (or stack back in) those elements by clicking on the corresponding shot result type at the bottom of the chart:

The 'Heatmap' view will allow you to monitor the literal 'hot spots' of shot activity in the game.  Like the 'Position' view, shot result types can be removed (or stacked back in) by clicking on the corresponding shot result type at the bottom of the chart:

A filter on the left side of the screen allows you to filter game elements by period, team, set, serve or receive rotation, athlete, etc.  Simply click on the element(s) you wish to search for and press the 'Filter' bar at the bottom of the screen:



You can pull any number of games into your shot chart session to examine them in more detail.  To access multiple games, click into your STATS app:


Click on the 'charts' box that corresponds to the season or exchange schedule you wish to access:

Select the team you wish to examine the games of, and click on the 'Next>>' button:

Select the chart you wish to view and press the 'Next>>' button:

Choose the games you wish to pull into the charts, press 'Next>>', and you're good to go:

As with single game shot charts, you can use the filter on the left side of the screen to focus on the game elements you're looking for; specific teams, athletes, set / receive rotations, periods of the game(s), etc.  You can also remove (or add back in) the graphic result(s) you wish to examine (goals, wide, kills, serves, blocked, etc.) by clicking on them on the bottom of the page, below the chart:

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